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Artist Statement – Michele Fletcher


I live and work in west central Virginia where almost anyone can see something beautiful of which to take a photograph, but I still love to find a new perspective for an image.

I've been fascinated by photography since I received my first Kodak 126 - on my 10th birthday and a plane trip to CO with my grandparents where my first photos were of Pikes Peak and the Air Force Academy (many, many years ago).

Thus photos have become, more and more so, the memory of my life and I've recently discovered that this is true for many other people as well... Just this past year, quite unexpectedly, three photos I took decades ago at the age of fourteen (with that same old camera), made a huge difference for a grieving daughter who could not remember her mother as a happy, fun person until she saw those photos... Three photos made a huge difference.  

And so... Life goes up and down, an adventure in 3 D, but I always seem to return to my 2 D photography... Photos will always take us to another time, another memory and/or to another emotion. I love that.

Most of my own photo artwork has been informed by my first and current career, as a professional Landscape Designer - a different but similar type of artist. Both of my passions, Landscape Design and Fine Photographs require my artistic and intense attention and compositional skills whether the image is intimate or infinite in scope.

Personally, I keep a camera close at hand almost every minute of the day.   I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking photos of all things around me, not until someone physically takes the camera from me...








June 2017

2019 Michele R Fletcher